Waste Management

Proper waste management services are critical. Too many businesses have created an avoidable incident, which has resulted in costly environmental damage, business disruption and a damaged reputation.

Plant Services, Inc. specializes in waste management services. Our team of professionals will remove liquid, sludge and solids from your facility and properly dispose of these materials in compliance with all local, state and federal regulations. PSI can perform this service on-demand or we can guide your business toward a routine schedule of sludge removal maintenance. Ahead of the current industry trend to minimize waste reduction, Plant Services has filtration capacity to serve customers with site filtration needs. PSI will pump out storm drains, water intake pits, process water and chemical pits that require draining, cleaning or refilling services.

Plant Services, Inc. provides on site dewatering services. Dewatering services are used frequently at construction sites. In order for construction to proceed safely, it is critical for soil to be dry. While the removal of groundwater and surface water is commonplace at construction sites, the necessity for doing this correctly cannot be overemphasized. The water that is removed can contain contaminants and proper disposal is essential so as to not threaten surrounding water resources.

Plant Services, Inc. prides itself on several things:

  • Utilizing the best technology
  • Employing and training a strong team
  • Always placing safety first
  • Exceeding customer expectations