LED Lighting Solutions

PSI designs & installs your cost-saving conversion to LED energy-efficient factory lighting without disrupting production. Modern LED lighting offers significant improvements over earlier versions. LED lighting accentuates your facility with a more natural light that is in the same light spectrum as sunlight. You will invariably realize an improvement in quality control, overall facility appearance and, most importantly, employee safety coupled with increased morale. 

LED lights are directional, which allows them to achieve their full lumen production capability by projecting all of the light they produce into the intended area of illumination. Conversely, fluorescent bulbs produce light in a circular fashion and realize a significantly lower light production than what they are rated - up to 2/3 of rated and produced light is not projected at the intended illumination area. Fluorescent bulbs are intended to remain lit for a minimum of 14 hours or longer after they are turned on for maximum life span. Occupancy sensors designed to reduce utility usage, along with constantly cycling the lights on and off, actually eliminate any cost savings realized by drastically reducing the life span of the light bulbs. This only compounds the cost to your business by requiring continuous replacement of the bulbs, which includes purchasing bulbs, removal and installation labor, and the cost of disposing of the defective bulbs. All of these factors have a negative effect on your bottom line.

LED lights can be cycled on and off continuously without any detrimental effects, they do not attract bugs, are not affected by the harmonics produced by robotic activity in manufacturing, and contain no mercury. Plant Services lights have a 10-year warranty after installation but typically last 20+ years. Plant Services offers both complete, ready to install LED lighting fixtures and LED retrofit kits that utilize your current fixtures, reducing installation and conversion costs. We are an authorized distributor and installer for NetZero USA. Plant Services and NetZero have partnered to not merely sell and install LED lights but to engineer lighting solutions for our customers!

When considering potential savings for your business keep this one fact in mind: over 85% of all commercial lighting in the world is fluorescent and over 90% of the potential savings that a business can capture is in that 85%! LED lighting offers unparalleled energy savings and light quality while also reducing your carbon footprint. Your business will realize a 45-65% annual savings on utility costs while also providing a 24-48 month return on investment. In fact, businesses often realize a positive cash flow immediately after installing Plant Services LED lighting solutions. In essence, you get paid to install LED lighting!

Plant Services will assist you with the LED conversion solution that best fits you’re lighting situation. We will travel to your business, count the existing fixtures, and determine the wattage and number of bulbs in each fixture and their daily hours of usage. Plant Services will then review your most recent utility bill and generate a detailed analysis of your current lighting situation along with the savings and return on investment that can be realized by installing our LED lighting solution. This service is provided to you at absolutely zero cost or obligation. Plant Services will then install your new LED lights while working around your productions schedule, causing no disruption to you’re operations.

Plant Services always optimizes your operation so you can focus on your business!

Plant Services, Inc. prides itself on several things:

  • Utilizing the best technology
  • Employing and training a strong team
  • Always placing safety first
  • Exceeding customer expectations

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