Modular Offices

A modular office prevents  permanent,  expensive commitment to a specific space that cannot be modified when needed.Space requirements can change quickly. Businesses have come to recognize the importance of creating in-plant office space at a cost-effective price, and modular offices are an economic way to convert empty space into usable structures without being permanently committed to that specific location. Plant Services, Inc. has partnered with Porta-Fab Modular Building Systems as a factory authorized distributor and installer of an expansive product line of modular offices. Whether you need a quick fix to a temporary space issue or a permanent solution to your company’s office needs, Plant Services, Inc. is the best source to provide you with the perfect modular office.

Porta-Fab is a US company that has been producing modular office systems for over 30 years. They offer the largest selection of modular systems and components to customize a modular system for every possible situation. PortaFab offers unlimited flexibility while maintaining rigorous quality standards. All their products are manufactured with strict quality assurance standards along with complete ISO certification. One of the PortaFab solutions that Plant Services, Inc. can install in your plant is the Quick Ship modular office. Due to the interchangeability of the parts and the flexibility of sizing available, the Quick Ship modular office can be ordered and installed in minimal time. Sizes of these Quick Ship modular offices range from 8x8 to 20x40, with many different sizes in-between.

Whether you are looking for a modular office, cleanroom, mezzanine or a fire retardant dividing wall due to operational changes and expansions, Plant Services, Inc. can assist you in maximizing current space by expanding upward with stackable modular offices or custom designing a system to your specific needs. The Plant Services/Porta-Fab team will provide you with the highest quality components and installation available while integrating your new office space into your facility.