Poor lubrication practices can cost approximately 8 to 15% of a company's annual maintenance budget.

PSI will provide your facility with a lubrication maintenance strategy and services that save time, money and resources.Inadequate and poorly managed lubrication practices can needlessly increase a business’s annual maintenance budget cost by approximately 8-15%.

A proper lubricant reduces friction, heat, and wear when utilized as a barrier between moving metal surfaces. Utilizing the proper and correct amount of lubricant applied at manufacturer recommended intervals will maximize the life span of your equipment while maintaining runtime.

Studies have showed that over 60% of unscheduled equipment downtime is the direct result of inadequate preventative maintenance. The 4 key components of preventative maintenance - cleaning, lubrication, inspection and tightening - insure equipment efficiency, reliability, and longer service life with less capital expenditure on new equipment.

Plant services will incorporate procedural maintenance disciplines into your PM schedule to save time, money, and the resources associated with your equipment lubrication activities:

  • Create visual prompts in workplace that reduce mistakes while improving storage and handling of lubrication materials;
  • Develop lubrication schedules, procedures, diagrams, and visual road maps;
  • Deploy PSI resources to perform and maintain a professional lubrication program;
  • Analyze current situations and offer solutions to consolidate lube points and recommend automated lubrication processes where applicable.

Industrial Maintenance

There are numerous industrial maintenance services offered and executed by Plant Services Inc.:

  • Machinery maintenance and lubrication – Plant Services Inc. will work with your company to develop a maintenance schedule and provide maintenance services for your machinery. Inadequate and poorly managed industrial equipment maintenance practices result in quality control problems, production down time and untimely repair and/or replacement expense. The key components in equipment maintenance include cleaning, lubrication, routine inspection and tightening.
  • Machinery cleaning techniques include hydro blasting, dry ice blasting and cryogenic cleaning, depending upon the type of machinery and purpose
  • Detailed cleaning and painting of the industrial site and equipment
  • Maintenance of the shop flooring and ceiling in safe, clean condition, including floor sweeping operation, pedestrian aisle cleaning, guard rail cleaning, filter replacement, industrial fan cleaning and window cleaning
  • An analysis of the lighting in your facility and recommendations on retrofit to today's best LED lighting options. Plant Services Inc. has an excellent team to plan and install your best lighting options, providing excellent quality lighting with long term energy and labor cost reductions.
  • Waste management and removal – With the development of a plan for industrial waste disposal at your company, the Plant Services Inc. team of professionals will remove liquid, sludge and solids from your facility and properly dispose of these materials in compliance with all local, state and federal regulations.


Investment in a strong, consistent industrial maintenance plan and execution will bring your company long term payoffs. When you use the services of Plant Services Inc., we will partner with you to develop a working plan and schedule that will deliver a safe workplace with preventative maintenance, sparing your business the expense of premature equipment replacement and helping you to avoid production slowdowns or stoppage due to equipment failure.

We will carefully work through all of this with your company so that we develop a plan together that will allow you to focus on your work. As you partner with Plant Services Inc., you can maintain your productivity and we can perform your industrial maintenance services without disruption. Through our 20+ years of providing a wide range of maintenance services to many companies, we have continuously demonstrated the value of utilizing Plant Services Inc. to perform the specialty services needed by your company.