Industrial Cleaning

Plant Services, Inc. specializes in understanding our customers’ needs to prescribe a workable solution that reduces operational costs, enhances equipment performance, and maximizes capital investments.

Plant Services Inc. will work with you to develop and provide maintenance for your industrial equipment and facility.There are several types of industrial cleaning services that are delivered by Plant Services Inc. Our industrial cleaning services include a number of systems for cleaning industrial equipment: dry ice blasting, hydro blasting and cryogenic cleaning.

  • Dry ice blasting has been successfully utilized for many different types of industrial cleaning: manufacturing equipment, welding equipment, tanks, printing presses, hulls, boiler tubes, process equipment and more.
  • Hydro blasting is a safe and efficient technique used in cleaning machinery by removing built-up deposits on, in, or under machinery and equipment. Given that it is water-based and does not use any abrasive materials, hydro blasting does not cause dust pollution or leave spent abrasives for disposal.
  • Cryogenic cleaning utilizes pressurized air and dry ice to dislodge surface contaminants. The principle involved in this maintenance process is to dislodge surface contaminants through the force of frozen carbon dioxide particles hitting the contaminants with high velocity, causing slight shrinkage of the contaminants, resulting in a disruption of adhesion bonds to the surface.


All of these industrial cleaning services contribute significantly to the safe and efficient running of your machinery at the same time that they contribute to the longevity of your machinery and equipment. Most industrial cleaning services can be performed without taking the machinery offline, a cost savings for your business as you minimize costly down time for equipment and employees. At Plant Services Inc. we have developed expertise in performing industrial cleaning services and are the wise choice for the company that wants to get the job done correctly and protect its assets.

Other forms of industrial cleaning services delivered by Plant Services Inc. include:

  • Comprehensive Clean Room cleaning and maintenance along with establishment of an ongoing maintenance schedule
  • Comprehensive Paint Shop cleaning and maintenance along with establishment of an ongoing maintenance schedule
  • Shop floor maintenance
  • Detailed cleaning and painting throughout your facility
  • Development of a detailed plan and schedule for facility management solutions